Melisa Barrilli

I was born to be creative.

I come from a diverse background complete with both academic and hands-on experience in design, visual art and advertising.

I received a Bachelor of Advertising from the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires city.

After studying graphic design in Los Angeles for a brief time and following a couple years of employment in Buenos Aires, I immigrated to Canada in 2002.

I currently work for an agency that provides communication strategies and targeted marketing services to the pharmaceutical industry. From print and digital to video and booth displays, I help pharmaceutical businesses market their brands and take a lead role from a visual perspective.

From exploration to final execution, I can deliver quality and cohesive design solutions for either large multi-vehicle global projects, or small and local assignments.

As part of a Creative team, my contribution goes beyond my ability to put together and combine good looking visuals. I have a deep understanding of how communication process works.